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Choreographic Work



Co-creation between Carla Alcantara and Kaili Che 

INTERWEAVE is an energetic piece of physical theater and contemporary dance. The work addresses the importance of incorporating play, laughter and imagination into our daily lives.

Both artists were inspired by their favorite childhood games and the empowerment it gave them growing up. As they reflect on adulthood, they question the pressure, responsibilities, and expectations of conforming to norms. Carla and Kaili believe that the balance between hard work and play can coexist and is much needed, especially after the pandemic. The work invites all types of audiences and age groups, while highlighting audience participation and interaction. 


​Presented in:

  • All Over the Map Festival 2023- New Works/ Vancouver BC 

  • International Dance Day 2023 at The Dance Centre/ Vancouver BC

  • Part of the DADAO program by Dance West Network



Co-creation between Marco Esccer, Carolina Silva y Carla Alcantara 

With original music by Carolina Silva 

A Spanglish storytelling performance set that involves dance, singing,
and poetry. Evoking themes of migration and hope. Latin American music. Nostalgia merged with joy, guitar and singing, three voices, three suitcases and three bodies, shaping the stage into the imagery of migrants.


​Presented in:

  • IndieFest 2023/ presented by re:Naissance Opera

  • Coffee House/ Britannia CC



Choreography and performance:

Carla Alcantara

DRIVE is a contemporary dance solo choreographed and performed by Carla Alcántara. This piece is inspired by the concept of holding the reins of our lives. It aims to offer a space for self-reflection to navigate through our motivational practices, generate empathy with others by understanding the different meanings of success and happiness, and raise awareness about the importance of decision-making in life.


​Presented in:

  • Pop Up Dances 2023- Presented by New Works Dance (Vancouver, BC)

  • Intercultural Spring Market 2022- Presented by Vancouver Latin American Cultural Center (Vancouver, BC)

  • Morras que bailan- Presented by Purple Dancing Club (Tijuana, Mexico)  

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Direction: Carla Alcántara in collaboration with Saraí Pérez

"There is a world full of possibilities and paths where we decide to take possession of our essence to recognize meeting points with those who give us an internal look and contribute to our journey"

A piece inspired by connection, coincidences and the diversity of life perspectives. Dance, installation and video. The movement vocabulary has a mix of contemporary dance and house dance.