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Fondo blanco
Fondo blanco
Fondo blanco

An Exciting Screening of Dance Films and Documentaries 

A collaboration between TEMPO Dance & Visual Art and 8 Proyecto GATO


"A dance film festival to celebrate movement, creation, friendship and connection."

The company 8 Proyecto GATO celebrates the 11th anniversary of its artistic career through performances, workshops, residencies, and national and international video dance cycles thanks to the support of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) through the Support System for the Creation and Cultural Projects.

Join us throughout the FILM DANCE ARTS programming where you will experience a large part of their audiovisual artistic work in addition to the international premiere of 2 video dances recorded during their celebration tour in Spain and Uruguay in autumn 2023.

You will also be able to experience films by TEMPO Dance & Visual Art!

Fondo blanco


(Feet Roots)


“De pies Roots” video dance of collective creation at a distance, generated from eco-somatic experiences. This piece is built from moving images captured on video by a group of people after following a process of meditations and somatic exercises focused on developing the full and conscious presence of our bodies and the natural world that surrounds us. The project proposes a series of instructions and guided audios that invite participants to leave their daily lives for a few minutes a day, to immerse themselves in the delicious consciousness of their living bodies and their deep relationship with the plant kingdom. The movement that arises from these meetings has been recorded by themselves and shared for the creation of this audiovisual piece.

At the same time, the editing and post-production of the video, as well as the generation of fundamental artistic material for the piece (movement, visual, sound), was carried out during a creation residency at the CERES del Nixtlal Agroecological Cooperative. During it, three women artists immerse themselves in the creative process of the work through sessions of somatic movement, contact dance, sound and vibration; While carrying out activities related to life in the countryside, agroecology and the home, they cook, sleep, dance, dream, vibrate, sing, clean, take care of the crops, the composts, their families and themselves as a base. of the same creative process.

Under the artistic direction of Leilani MaCa (dance/movement) in creative collaboration with Nidaria (visual/plastic artist) and Elsa Serrano (vocal artist) “De pies Roots” is the most recent project of the company 8 Proyecto GATO, first audiovisual work from the series “We are mirrors”. The series proposes to explore the mirror that we are when encountering the various kingdoms of Nature and has as its concept the recognition of the human being for himself through his body as a multidimensional portal within the natural world that forms and shapes him.

"Nature! We are surrounded and enveloped by it, unable to leave it and unable to penetrate deeper into it. Without being requested and without warning, she drags us into the whirlwind of her dance and moves with us until, tired, we fall exhausted into her arms.“ Goethe - Theory of Nature


Artistic direction and original idea: Leilani MaCa
Creative collaboration: Nidaria and Elsa SeGA
Direction of photography, production and editing: Nidaria
Assistant Editor: Leilani MaCa
Video, body and movement: Alejandra Cárcamo, Mariana Hernández, Leilani MaCa, Elii Medina, Nidaria, Julieta Ovalle, Teresa Sánchez, Sebastián Santamaría, Elsa Serrano and Xanireé Terán.
Sound design: Leilani MaCa and Nidaria
Production: 8 GATO Project, CERES del Nixtlal, CCAOS A.C.


danzando el arquetipo de la madre

(Dancing the mother archetype)

This video dance recorded in the town of Piedras Encimadas, in Zacatlán Puebla, is part of the scenic work “Mother Earth, Mother Water, Mother Moon: Dancing the Archetype of the Mother Woman” carried out under the direction and creation of Leilani MaCa through the Program to Stimulate Artistic Creation and Development of Puebla, 2019.

This work arises from the analogy between the female body and its gestation process during motherhood with the different creative and life-giving aspects of nature. For the creation process, an artistic residency was carried out with the Venezuelan choreographer Gabriel Nieto and the vocal artist Elsa SeGa at the CERES del Nixtal agroecological cooperative. During the creative process, the archetype of the mother was investigated from the lunar-feminine aspect in contrast to the solar-masculine aspect, from which a duet of contact dance and improvisations emerged in connection with the energy and nature of the amazing place (Piedras Encimadas, in Zacatlán). Likewise, the sound part of this video dance is a remote collaboration with the composer Alejandro Silva de León, who made an adaptation of the XIQUIYEHUA, a traditional song in Nahuatl that serves as the mantra of this work.

“The image of a Great Mother refers in its genesis to the history of religions. The Archetype of the Mother refers us to the mythological Great Mother, Mother Earth, the first great archetypal figure in humanity, source of life, creative womb, with the capacity for creation and destruction. The Earth was perceived as Mother, and all - animals, plants and men - were her children and were subject to her Laws. Her symbolic manifestation is represented through a wide variation “of the type of a mother goddess.” ... "The Archetype of the Great Mother also appears symbolized by everything that is deep: abysses, valleys, fountains, grottoes, seas and lakes" ... "everything that is presented as large, spacious and with the characteristic of hugging, containing, girding, surrounding, wrapping, covering, preserving or nurturing something smaller, constitute symbols of the Great Mother” María Mercedes “Archetypes: the Great Mother, Mother Earth” 2017/04/16/archetypes-the-great-mother-the-mother-earth/


Artistic Direction: *Leilani MaCa

Choreography: Gabriel Nieto and Leilani MaCa

Photography and video editing: Gabriel Nieto (Nomads Of The South), NIDARIA and Leilani MaCa

Movement Artists: Gabriel Nieto, Leilani MaCa, Elsa Serrano, Lila Hernández

Composition and sound adaptation: Alejandro Silva de León

Singing and sound improvisation (hang drum): Elsa Serrano

Landart: NIDARIA

A production of 8 Proyecto GATO and CERES del Nixtlal, in collaboration with Nomads of The South (NOTS), NIDARIA, CCAOS a. c. and TANZlab: Movement Arts Laboratory.

* Beneficiary of the Program to Stimulate Artistic Creation and Development of Puebla, 2019.

tempo negro COMPLETO .png


Physical contact is a need for survival...


Direction and choreography: Carla Alcántara

Creative performers: Leo Aldair, Enrique Soto, Katya desire, Eunice Valeria, miguel Rodríguez, Camila Chavez, Carla Alcántara, Sheccid Barrera

Camera: Rodrigo Picazo y Carla Alcántara

Edition: Carla Alcántara


de líneas a tierra

(From lines to ground)

"They begin to breathe, they expand, they offer bonds, they create synergies, they return to the center of the round earth, traveling through their own landscapes. Resonating, collecting, and refinding pieces in the forest that connect with the oldest song, the first and last. The heart becomes warm and willing."

Direction, Choreography and interpretation: Leilani MaCa and Claudia Bca

Production: Erick Braun

Music: Galo Durán

Production: Nopalix FILMS · 8 GATO Project · CERES del Nixtlal 

¡Compártenos tu experiencia!

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Leilani MaCa - director of 8 Proyecto GATO & Carla Alcántara - director de TEMPO Dance & Visual Art - share a profound history through dance

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