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Acting & Drama Classes

Connecting the community through unforgettable experiences 

Embrace your body

Connecting through movement

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Facilitated  by Carla Alcántara 

With live accompanist Toto Barel 

This movement workshop invites us to connect with our body and the world around us. Through Carla's guidance, we will awaken our senses from the inside out, warm the body with sequences of movement, stretching and through improvisation exercises that will allow us to access layers of self-discovery.

Through LIVE MUSIC, we will use rhythm as an essential part of our investigation and our relationship with space while we discover infinite possibilities of expression within our bodies. This workshop will offer self-reflection, discovery, and an inspiring human connection experience.

This workshop is open to all levels and no previous experience is necessary!


Photography by: Juan Contreras

Photography by: Juan Contreras


Dia de Muertos 

Interdisciplinary Embodiment Workshop

In collaboration and with the support of


Facilitated  by Carla Alcántara 

Musician: Toto Barel 

A unique celebration of Mexican culture and a sense of  Tribute to our deceased loved ones.

Through a dynamic and interdisciplinary approach, we will delve into movement and dance cues, against the backdrop of live music with Ricardo Ernesto Hardy García (RCHRDY). Together, we will weave a collective “ofrenda” (shrine) using provided crafts and materials, honoring the traditions that unite us.

This event not only offers a safe space for the Latino community to rediscover its roots and customs, but also extends a warm invitation to the general public. 


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Alignment, mobility, strength and deep elasticity

Facilitated by: Carla Alcántara 

A workshop focused on releasing tensions and emotions accumulated in the body through deep stretching and movement sequences. 

A mobility class inspired by yoga, pilates and dance.

All levels are welcome! All exercises have modifications that suit your needs.


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