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A Piece of Advice

TEMPO Dance & visualart+Marco Esccer

Performers: Marco Esccer and Carla Alcantara


Camera and editing: Carla Alcantara


Camera assistant: Rodrigo Picazo 


Text: Marco Esccer in collaboration with the audios of Margarita Maynez and conversations with Alfonso Escalante and Lucha Silva 

Text Translation: Camber Giberson

Music: Julian Vigil

DONE (8).webp

We appreciate the support of SpringWorks to produce the work as one of the works selected for ShortWorks Showcase 2023/ Postcards 

"A moving and video exploration to honor our creative and joyful inner child through the loving memory of our grandmothers. A postcard to remember, embrace and pay homage to the wonder of childhood that has been and will always be within us. A postcard to respect the wisdom of our latino ancestors and the memory of their living voices on our moving skin."



Creator: Kaili Che

Videographer, Photographer, Editor: TEMPO Dance & Visual Art- Carla Alcántara

Producer: TRAction

Production Coordinator: Kevin Jesuino

Production Development: Melanie Kloetzel