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A Piece of Advice

TEMPO Dance & visualart+Marco Esccer

Performers: Marco Esccer and Carla Alcantara


Camera and editing: Carla Alcantara


Camera assistant: Rodrigo Picazo 


Text: Marco Esccer in collaboration with the audios of Margarita Maynez and conversations with Alfonso Escalante and Lucha Silva 

Text Translation: Camber Giberson

Music: Julian Vigil

DONE (8).webp

We appreciate the support of SpringWorks to produce the work as one of the works selected for ShortWorks Showcase 2023/ Postcards 

"A moving and video exploration to honor our creative and joyful inner child through the loving memory of our grandmothers. A postcard to remember, embrace and pay homage to the wonder of childhood that has been and will always be within us. A postcard to respect the wisdom of our latino ancestors and the memory of their living voices on our moving skin."



Creator: Kaili Che

Videographer, Photographer, Editor: TEMPO Dance & Visual Art- Carla Alcántara

Producer: TRAction

Production Coordinator: Kevin Jesuino

Production Development: Melanie Kloetzel 

“TRAction presents 10 WAYS PROJECT, a social media series that deepens the dialogue between the arts and the social and environmental challenges of the contemporary moment. This year's series, which commissioned 10 artists from across Turtle Island/Canada to develop 1-minute video responses to a particular message, focuses on “Ten Ways to Fix the Planet”. -TRAction (Producer)



TEMPO Dance & Visual Art + Lux Boreal collaboration

Visual direction camera and editing: Carla Alcántara

Creative interpreter: Ángel Arámbula

Original music by David Baracamontes