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"Suspending the body in space"

An investigation of the suspension of the body through the camera where we worked with different artists from various dance disciplines.

Presented in:

-Multiforo Revolución- Tijuana

-Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana

-Casa de la cultura de San Antonio de los buenos

-Centro Estatal de las Artes Rosarito, BC 

-Centro cultural MIXART

-Centro Estatal de las Artes Tijuana, BC 


Communicating through the body

An investigation of bodily communication through the lens.

The sessions were captured as an improvisation where the vast majority of the artists met for the first time and talked through their bodies. No photograph was posed or created especially for the camera, but rather the lens was documenting the moment of interaction and bodily conversation. 

Exposed and supported by Centro Estatal de las Artes Tecate, Baja California Mexico

Ether junk

Commissioned artists to create a photo and video installation for the premier of ¨Ether Junk¨a choreographic work by ARCOS Dance under the direction of Erica Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fisher in Austin, Texas. 

Photo and video instalation by Carla Alcantara and Sarah Annie Navarrete 

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