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Expanding the body

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expanding the body

A workshop focused on releasing tensions and emotions accumulated in the body through deep stretching and using breathing as the engine of movement. 

Habitación blanca

Martha Quiroz

The stretching workshop with Carla was great and beautiful, the class is masterfully guided and helped me connect more with my body and mind without neglecting the benefits I noticed, more stretching, learning to recognize your spine, benefits in posture and openness, as well as improvement in sleeping habits


Paulina Diaz

I loved the stretching workshop, a new way of knowing and exploring the body. The incredible exercises and you get to the movements without realizing it, it is a wonderful feeling.

Habitación blanca

Tato Monraz

It is a beautiful workshop that connects me with my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state through instructions and conscious guidance. Thank you so much for helping me rekindle my enthusiasm! 100% recommendable

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